OERC Releases "Closing the Participation Gap for African American Men in Higher Education" In-Progress Research Brief May 14

African American men face a three-fold crisis in higher education that warrants considerable attention. The broad objective of this project is to evaluate the success of policies and programs designed to reduce the participation gap of this population group. Read the In-Progress Research Brief.

OERC Researcher to Appear on Radio Broadcast Mar 31

Joshua Hawley, director of the OERC, will be appearing on “The Sound of Ideas” tomorrow, April 1st, at 9 AM to discuss high school dropouts. The show, hosted by Mike McIntyre, is broadcast through 90.3 WCPN Northeast Ohio Radio and is also videotaped to air on the Ohio Channel.  Dr. Hawley worked on the 2013 Ohio's Race to the Top Dropout Tracking Report and has also been featured in StateImpact Ohio’s online series on dropouts.  Tune in to the broadcast tomorrow morning to learn more about the dropout crisis!

OERC Researchers Published in Systems Research and Behavioral Science Journal Mar 17

OERC researchers Josh Hawley and Navid Ghaffarzadegan, along with Anand Desai have been published in Systems Research and Behavioral Science. Their paper “Research Workforce Diversity: The Case of Balancing National versus International Postdocs in US Biomedical Research,” derives from the U.S. government’s increasing support for postdoctoral training in biomedical sciences to develop the domestic research workforce. However, current trends suggest that mostly international researchers benefit from the funding, many of who might leave the United States after training. The paper describes a model used to analyze the flow of national versus international researchers into and out of postdoctoral training. Read the paper.

OERC on Twitter Feb 26

The OERC is now on Twitter! You can view OERC related news and events through the Twitter page and extend content to others by retweeting OERC tweets. The fast and easy sharing abilities of the OERC twitter page allow for an active community of Ohio's educators, policymakers, and community leaders to share in knowledge and resources regarding education policies. The OERC twitter page comes as an addition to already existing OERC social medias, Slideshare and Facebook.

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OERC Receives Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant from ODE Feb 25

 The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has awarded $949,000 to a team of researchers from The Ohio Education Research Center (OERC) from the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant to conduct an evaluation of the development and implementation of a comprehensive professional development system (CPDS) for early learning professionals.

The CPDS will address the professional development needs of early learning and development professionals to provide appropriate learning environments for the socio-emotional development, cognitive, language and literacy learning, as well as physical development needs of children from birth to kindergarten entry. The target audience for the CPDS is early learning and development professionals who are currently served by multiple state agencies and regional professional development (PD) networks.

“It is exciting to be involved at the ground level in documenting this ambitious collaborative cross-agency effort. The system that is envisioned has the potential for bringing Ohio's early learning and development professionals from many different sectors onto the same page in their professional development,” said Debbie Zorn, lead evaluator on the project. 

Data from this project will contribute to the Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive, which archives state administrative data from education, higher education, and labor. The archive fulfills the Ohio Education Research Center’s objective of building, maintaining, and providing researcher access to secure, linked cross-agency administrative data. Using data sets from the Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive, researchers from Ohio and elsewhere can study critical issues that inform policy in such areas as education and economic development, health, political and voting systems, and social services delivery. 

The OERC is pleased to have been selected by the State of Ohio to evaluate professional development activities in early childhood learning. As Josh Hawley, Director of the Center noted, “Early childhood education is critically important in our state and nation. We look forward to working with the University of Cincinnati and evaluation partners from the Strategic Research Group to critically examine the effectiveness of state-wide efforts to improve early learning.”

 Debbie Zorn, Director of the University of Cincinnati Evaluation Services Center, will serve as the lead evaluator for the work, with Josh Hawley, Director of the Ohio Education Research Center serving as a Principal Investigator. Additional researchers include Lauren Porter from Ohio State University and Imelda Castañeda-Emenaker from the University of Cincinnati Evaluation Services Center.  Kathleen Carr, from Strategic Research Group, will be a core partner on the research effort.


For information on the project contact, Lauren Porter at the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, porter.700@osu.edu, (614) 247-6498.