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Career Resource Navigator Dashboard Image

Career Resource Navigator

The Career Resource Navigator is a useful tool for finding the education and training resources that are right for you. The Navigator gives users a way to easily access and understand data to gain valuable knowledge for navigating their career journey.
Ohio Unemployment Insurance Claims Dashboard Image

Ohio Unemployment Insurance Claims Dashboard

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims dashboard helps users explore changes in Ohio’s labor market during the novel coronavirus 19 pandemic, including: What are the trends in both initial and continued claims over time? Which demographic groups were most impacted? What industries and occupations were most impacted? What are the differences in initial and continued claims across different geographic locations? To answer these questions, the dashboard provides state, regional, and local level trend analysis.
Ohio's Evidence-Based Clearinghouse Dashboard Image

Ohio's Evidence-Based Clearinghouse Dashboard

The OERC collaborated with the Ohio Department of Education to develop Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse, an online tool intended to empower Ohio’s districts with the knowledge, tools and resources that will help them identify, select and implement evidence-based strategies for improving student success.
OhioMeansJobs Workforce Data Tools Dashboard Image

OhioMeansJobs Workforce Data Tools

The OERC developed a set of Workforce Data Tools for the OhioMeansJobs website. The Workforce Supply tool and the Employment Projections Tool help users understand the workforce in Ohio, with a focus on Ohio's in-demand occupations.
Ohio Higher Education Outcomes Dashboard Image

Ohio Higher Education Outcomes

These visualizations display a longitudinal look at employment in Ohio after earning a degree. The first visualization shows the industry a graduate works in by the subject of degree as well as earnings for up to six year after graduation. Additional earnings outcomes visualizations are in development.

Archived Dashboards

Central Ohio Compact Dashboard Image

Central Ohio Compact

The Central Ohio Compact Dashboard is an integrated data system that combines state employer data and high-school and post-secondary education records. It offers a picture of where we are as a region in producing job-ready graduates. These reports will enable education leaders to identify best practices and areas in need of attention, equip students to make more informed decisions on their future and help employers find skilled workers to satisfy their needs.
Workforce Success Measures Dashboard Image

Workforce Success Measures

The Ohio Education Research Center (OERC) partnered with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation (OWT) to provide a tool that communicates the successes of Ohio’s largest workforce development programs. The OERC used its archive of Ohio administrative data to provide employment and related outcomes of those individuals who have exited the workforce development programs. These data, displayed in interactive visualizations, enable workforce program administrators and policy makers to understand and therefore improve the effectiveness of Ohio’s workforce development programs. This dashboard has been archived and no longer available online.