OERC Releases "The Effect of Student Engagement on Student Achievement in STEM: Implications for Public Policy for High School STEM Education" In-Progress Research Brief Jun 15

This study examines differences in student engagement and academic achievement between students in a STEM school, those in a STEM program, and those taking traditional high school courses. The results will provide school personnel, policymakers, and funding agencies with a better understanding of student engagement and achievement in STEM education. Results will also help these groups make decisions regarding the need for STEM schools versus STEM programs. Read the In-Progress Research Brief.

OERC Releases "Predicting Academic Success in Kindergarten Based on Pre-School Factors" In-Progress Research Brief Jun 13

This case study will identify the factors that contribute to closing the achievement gap in Kindergarten and serve as a first phase of a continuing research agenda to identify barriers to continued student success through Kindergarten. Read the In-Progress Research Brief.

OERC Releases "A Data-Driven Approach to Kindergarten Readiness and the Importance of the Preschool Years" In-Progress Research Brief Jun 13

This study proposes a partnership between researchers and education stakeholders with the common goal of identifying, answering, and disseminating findings for pressing questions in regards to the role of preschool on children’s kindergarten readiness. The partnership will combine the OERC data with two other databases containing extensive information about preschool experiences. Read the In-Progress Research Brief.

Join OERC Director in Webinar on Predictors of Post-Secondary Success Jun 6

OERC director, Josh Hawley, will be a presenter on American Youth Policy Forum’s webinar series on Predictors of Post-Secondary Success. The webinar will provide an overview of workforce data along with a discussion on the opportunities and trends related to workforce data as well as the challenges and opportunities of building connection to education data. The webinar will take place June 26 from 2- 3:30 pm. You can register online here.

OERC Releases "Springfield City School District’s Early Implementation of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee" In-Progress Research Brief Jun 6

Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee offers districts flexibility to determine interventions and assessments to improve Grade 3 students’ reading. This case study contributes a potentially transferable approach to examine the efficacy of reading interventions implemented as part of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Read the In-Progress Research Brief Here.