OERC Releases "Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee: A Case Study" Report Nov 16

This case study implements a mixed methods research design to collect qualitative and quantitative data during the first year of a 3 LEA colloquium’s implementation of a funded proposal to deliver Multi –Sensory K-3 early literacy and reading interventions that assist in improving reading development and prepare students to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade. Read the case study to learn more.

OERC Collaboration with the Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation Nov 14

The Ohio Education Research Center (OERC) has been working in collaboration with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation (OWT) to evaluate Ohio’s largest workforce development programs: (1) Workforce Investment Act (WIA); (2) Perkins-funded Ohio Technical Centers (OTC); (3) Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE), and (4) State-funded financial aid and scholarships for college education.   The result of the evaluations will be publicly available online through the Workforce Success Measures (WSM) Dashboard, which will enable policy makers and program administrators to continually monitor progress across multiple programs, creating better transparency and greater accountability. The WSM Dashboard will be publicly released in early December 2014.   On November 20th Dr. Josh Hawley will give a presentation and demonstration that will preview the WSM Dashboard with Stark County workforce program administrators.
For additional information and a brief video about the project please visit the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation website.

OERC Director Has Several New Publications Nov 12

Dr. Joshua Hawley has several new publications. These publications include “Human resource development policy” in, Chalofsky, N. Rocco, T. & Morris, L, Handbook of Human Resource Development. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass (2014), pp. 459-472. And, “Workforce development,” in, Poell, R, Rocco, T, and Roth, G. eds., Routledge Companion to Human Resource Development. Dr. Hawley’s has an impending publication, “A Note on PhD Population Growth in Biomedical Sciences” with Navid Ghaffarzadegan, Richard Larson, and Yi Xue in Systems Research and Behavioral Science.

OERC Research Presented at APPAM Nov 12

OERC Researcher, Kristin Harlow, recently presented at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management meeting in Albuquerque. Harlow's presented on "Workforce Outcomes of WIA On-the-Job Training in Ohio"- research she produced with OERC Researcher, Lisa Neilson, and OERC Director, Dr. Joshua Hawley. Harlow and Neilson previously worked on the "North Union County Local School District Workforce and Higher Education Outcomes" report. The OERC also sponsored research in 2013 on workforce study.

Visualization Highlights Ohio's Higher Education Outcomes Sep 24

OERC director, Dr. Josh Hawley, and Ohio State University's Center for Human Resource Research have created a data visualization that highlights Ohio’s higher education outcomes. The visualization contains data from 38 Ohio universities and colleges between the years of 2008 and 2010. With this data, the visualization charts program graduates & first year earnings along with the average first year earnings of program graduates & the percent of which were working in Ohio. The visualization is interactive and allows you to select specific universities and years for a comprehensive overview of the changes and shifts over time. Dr. Hawley and OERC researcher Lisa Nielson have previously worked on a visualization that displayed the clustering of graduates from 2009 in all Ohio public colleges and universities by major and disclosed the industry they were employed within one year later.

To view the Ohio higher education outcomes data visualization click here.

To view the college graduates by industry of employment visualization click here.