OERC Releases "Implementation of the Collaborating on Economic Success in Appalachia (COESA) High School-Higher Education Alignment Project" Report and Brief Feb 13

This in-depth examination of the Collaborating on Economic Success in Appalachia project will examine whether the collaborative is successful in addressing the five targeted areas of need: 1) increasing academic engagement of high school students, 2) improving math, reading, and science skills of high school students, 3) increasing social competencies and empowering students and their families, 4) decreasing non-academic barriers impacting student success, and 5) increasing college completion rates. Read the Report. Read the Brief.

OERC Releases "The Impact of the Relationship between OTES and OPES on Principal and Teacher Evaluations" Report Feb 5

Race to the Top (RttT) districts are required to implement the Ohio Teacher and Principal Evaluation Systems (OTES and OPES) by 2014, but OTES and OPES are optional for non-RttT districts. This study will examine both RttT and non-RttT schools from across the state to determine OTES/OPES implementation impacts on student growth measures adopted, how OTES/OPES influenced measures selected, measures’ impact on performance metrics, and resulting effect on educators. Read the Report.

OERC Releases "Student Growth Measures: Mini-Grants" Report Feb 5

To improve school accountability and effectiveness, the implementation of extended testing in approximately fifty LEAs will be studied. This evaluation includes an examination of implementation, roster verification, educator evaluation systems, and best practices and lessons learned. Recommendations to improve extended testing opportunities for LEAs in Ohio will be developed. Read the Report.

Dropout Article Highlights OERC's "Ohio's Race to the Top Dropout Tracking Report" Findings Jan 27

As dropout rates in Ohio schools increase, it is important to understand the depth of what is widely considered a state-wide crisis. It is necessary to know who is dropping out and why and also important to realize the realities that dropouts face. Joshua Hawley, director of the OERC, speaks with StateImpact Ohio and highlights findings from Ohio's Race to the Top Dropout Tracking Report that help answer some of these questions.  Read the article.

OERC releases "2013 Teacher Supply and Demand in Ohio" Research Brief and Full Report Jan 21

This report examines how trends in fertility and migration combined with changes in pension systems, the rise of community schools, the evolution of teachers’ retirement decisions and the rate at which college students and more established teachers enter and stay in teaching shape the market for teachers. Read the Report.