We are a collaboration of six universities and four research organizations that connect research, education, and policy for Ohio’s schools.

We conduct high-quality education research, provide access to research data, and share research findings.

We create synergy among researchers, educators, and policymakers so that Ohio’s education system—from preschool through college—is second to none.

Columbus Community College Straight A Project

The OERC recently received a funding award from Columbus State Community College to provide evaluation and reporting services to the Columbus Compact districts. The Central Ohio Compact is working with 28 school districts to determine the higher education and employment outcomes of high school. The OERC will analyze student outcomes for cohorts of students graduating from covered schools between 2012-2013 and 2016-2017. The OERC will then design and produce a dashboard that summarizes each outcome on key measures of higher education success and employment. For each cohort the OERC will be focusing on key outcomes in the following domains: high school participation, college participation,... (Read More)

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