Examining Patterns of Value Added Scores for Teachers
Project Team: 
Marsha Lewis
OERC Policy and Agency Lead, Associate Professor Ohio University
Ani Ruhil
Associate Professor Ohio University
Key Words: 
value-added scores
teacher evaluation
low-performing students
students with disabilities

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is interested in identification of possible factors contributing to patterns in teacher-level Value-Added scores for teachers of low-performing students. A Value-Added score rates individual teachers based on how much students learn in a given year. It does not take into account what students know upon entering the class.

The OERC study will use existing teacher and student data to identify patterns in Value-Added scores. The study will consider potential factors focusing on the incidence of students with disabilities in the observed data. Pending Phase 1 analysis outcomes, additional qualitative research at the district and building-level may be necessary. Additional information may include teacher assignment decisions and accommodations for special education students.