A Case Study of Middle School to High School Transition
Project Team: 
Yoko Muira, EdD
Associate Professor, Wright State University
Key Words: 
Subgroup Performance Indicator
Students with Disabilities
Ninth Grade Transition

The purpose of the study is to investigate transitions of students with disabilities between the eighth grade and the ninth grade; transitions between middle school to high school. "Does access to a free and appropriate public education in a least restrictive environment provide equal educational opportunity for students with disabilities? "Using the critical pedagogy framework, we deconstruct and reconstruct the middle school to high school transition process.
This case study consists of two modes of research inquiry: (1) Analysis of the Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive (OLDA) data between 2010 and 2013 concerning students with disabilities, and (2) Semi-structured  guided interviews based on critically constructed questions  among teachers, students, and parents within an urban high school.  In our investigation, we synthesize both interview data and OLDA analysis to illustrate how the formal and informal data can be potentially used to inform high school retention of students with disabilities.