What is the role of government in strategic planning, funding, and monitoring education of higher education?

That is one of the questions this class will look at as we examine higher education and workforce training. Higher education is a critical part of a national infrastructure for any government. In the United States, thousands of institutions provide a wide array of degrees to students in traditional educational degrees such as Bachelors’ of Arts or Science. In addition, many nations offer vocational or workforce training in government institutions, but also in collaboration with business or labor. This class will examine both the systems in the United States, and also explore workforce and higher education in developing and other developed countries. Students interested in exploring the role of the education system in the workforce will be able to think broadly about how government addresses issues in the training of the postsecondary sector more generally.

Spring 2018

Mendenhall 185


3:55-5:15 p.m.

Instructor: Joshua Hawley

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