The State of Ohio has a new tool in its workforce data toolbox. The new Employment Projections Tool provides job seekers with information on job openings, growth, and wages by occupation in Ohio. Visitors to the new website can view data for the entire state and by JobsOhio region. The Employment Projections Tool is an interactive tool that answers questions of interest to job seekers, career services providers, and other stakeholders, like:

  • How many people currently work in different occupations?
  • What occupations are growing in Ohio?
  • How many job openings exist in in-demand occupations?
  • What do workers earn in different occupations, and do wages vary among regions?
  • What degrees or credentials are typical of people working in different occupation?

Job seekers or career services providers can use this data to inform individual decisions by identifying large or growing occupations. Education administrators may use the tool to identify growing occupations that may benefit from additional training programs.

Access the Workforce Supply Tool and its companion Employment Projections Tool by clicking on these links. Both tools were developed through a partnership among the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, Ohio Analytics, and the Ohio Education Research Center at The Ohio State University. The new Employment Projections Tool represents a state investment to sustain work initially funded through a National Skills Coalition State Workforce and Education Alignment Project grant.

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