Teacher Supply and Demand Study
Project Team: 
Jay Zagorsky, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Center for Human Resource Research, The Ohio State University
Randy Olsen, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Human Resources Research, The Ohio State University
Joshua Hawley, Ed.D
Director, Ohio Education Research Center; Associate Professor, The Ohio State University College of Education and John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Jenny Gnagey, MA
Research Associate, Ohio Education Research Center, The Ohio State University
Key Words: 
Teacher Supply and Demand

This report examines how trends in fertility and migration combined with changes in pension systems, the rise of community schools, the evolution of teachers’ retirement decisions and the rate at which college students and more established teachers enter and stay in teaching shape the market for teachers. Changes over space, time and type of school are explored. Compensation and employment levels are tracked and projections for the range of the number of new teachers needed in Ohio over the next several years are offered. The report also examines the market for school administrators. This report has clear, and perhaps surprising, implications for the need to train additional teachers given new patterns that are evolving. These trends and their implications warrant tracking, especially given how recent the changes are and how the dislocations of the labor market have persisted since the Great Recession.