Project Team: 
Josh Hawley, PhD
OERC Executive Director and Associate Professor at The Ohio State University
Julie Maurer, MA
OERC Project Manager
Key Words: 
pathway evaluators
supply-demand tools

The National Skills Coalition State Workforce and Education Alignment Project (SWEAP) is a grant program for California, Mississippi, Ohio, and Rhode Island to implement new data tools. The Ohio Board of Regents supports strong system-wide data and information about the activities and outcomes of our workforce education and training programs. The development of better data tools will assist policy leaders in developing policies that close skill gaps and create more equitable, efficient and aligned state workforce development and education systems.


The OERC is assisting with the SWEAP project to give state policy leaders access to insightful data and information that will assist them in making data-driven decisions on policy and long-term investments. During SWEAP II, the OERC is assisting with the development of a state dashboard, pathway evaluators, and supply-demand tools. It is also facilitating and participating in policy conversations with both administration and legislative leaders and assisting in developing legislation and other policy documents that will be informed by data these new tools.


Employment Outcomes of Ohio Public Higher Education by Degree