Performance Funding Case Study
Project Team: 
Suzanne Franco, Ed.D, Wright State University
Jill Lindsey, Ph.D., Wright State University

This case study investigated the first year implementation of a performance based compensation model in one Public School District in Ohio. Investigation centered on four key areas: 1) training and implementation of the Ohio teacher and principal evaluation systems (OTES/OPES); 2) student performance measures being used for the student growth measure (SGM) component of OTES/OPES; 3) calculation of performance pay using OTES/OPES; and 4) effects of using evaluation for performance compensation. A constructivist research design included guided interviews with the superintendent and teachers’ association president; teacher focus groups in each building; and one administrator focus group. Document analysis was conducted on the Master Contract and redacted evaluation forms with the percentage of performance pay awarded for a sample of teachers and principals at each grade level.

*Report available upon request.


Suzanne Franco, Ed.D.

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Program Director for EdD in Organizational Studies

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