Ohio's Student's Success Dashboard
Project Team: 
Randy Olsen, PhD
OERC Data Lead
Nikki Stassen
OERC Research Assistant
Key Words: 
Dropout Rates
High School
At-Risk Students

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) believes that more research is needed to understand students who are at-risk of dropping out, particularly at the beginning of high school. In a recent Race to the Top (RttT) report, ODE suggested the use of an Early Warning System (EWS). An EWS uses indicators such as attendance, behavior referrals, and performance on standardized tests to find at-risk students.

The OERC is developing an EWS, a web based tool designed to decrease school dropout in Ohio. The EWS will identify students at risk of dropping out based on risk models developed using longitudinal Education Management Information System (EMIS) data. The EWS will provide data on all students across the state. The tool will be available to teachers, principals, and administrators. Students who are identified as at-risk will then receive focused academic advising. The EWS is currently undergoing technical development.