Ohio's Race to the Top Dropout Tracking Report
Project Team: 
Joshua Hawley, Ed.D
Director, Ohio Education Research Center; Associate Professor, The Ohio State University College of Education and John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Melanie Kortyka
Research Associate, Community Research Partners
Lauren Porter
Research Associate, Ohio Education Research Center
Aaron Schill, MCRP
Director of Data, Community Research Partners
Jay Zagorsky, Ph.D
Research Associate, Center for Human Resource Research, The Ohio State University

In order to address Ohio's dropout problem, it is first necessary to understand the magnitude and extent of school dropouts in districts and buildings across the state. By evaluating which districts and buildings are having the most (and least) success reducing student dropouts, it becomes possible to identify characteristics and trends that may help to inform future strategies. This report presents data from the State of Ohio’s Education Management Information System (EMIS) on student dropouts over a five year period (2006-2010) for all public high schools in Ohio. This includes traditional schools as well as community schools. The report presents an overview of dropout conditions across the entire state then provides a more detailed look at each of Ohio’s six Race to the Top (RttT) regions.