The Ohio Technical Skills Innovation Network: “Ohio TechNet” (TAACCCT grant) Program Evaluation
Project Team: 
Josh Hawley, PhD
OERC Executive Director, Associate Professor The Ohio State University
Julie Maurer, MA
OERC Project Manager
Lisa Neilson, PhD
OERC Senior Research Associate
Key Words: 
employment outcomes
higher education
job training

The Ohio Technical Skills Innovation Network (TechNet consortium) includes eleven colleges in Ohio that joined forces to address workforce challenges in advanced manufacturing. The consortium forecasts job openings in industry and provides education and training to the long-term unemployed and veterans. The TechNet has adopted three strategies:

1. Create mechanisms for statewide collaboration among consortium partners and economic and workforce development allies that help advance Ohio’s innovation economy.

2. Transform instructional design and delivery systems for customization to individual student needs and rapid response to labor market demand.

3. Expand best practices that redesign student intake, success, and placement.

These strategies respond to the need for enhanced practices that support retention and completion in target programs. OERC researchers will focus on the outcomes and impact of the TechNet strategy models. The program will be evaluated by several factors including: number of participants served, credit hours completed, number of credentials earned, completion rates, time till completion, and wage increase after enrollment. The majority of data will be captured through the Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive (OLDA), managed by the Ohio State University’s Center for Human Resources Research (CHRR) and the OERC.