Ohio Teacher-Student Data Link/Roster Verification Survey
Project Team: 
Dr. Marsha Lewis

At the request of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs completed year two of a three-year project examining the implementation of teacher-student data link/roster verification in Ohio. In this second year of the project, the researchers conducted a survey of all principals and teachers who participated in the roster verification process for the 2012-13 academic year (Spring 2013). The three-year project is designed to address the following research questions:

  1. Are teachers and principals participating in the link/roster verification process with fidelity to the business rules and process guidelines set forth by ODE?

  2. Do both teachers and principals have adequate training and materials that support correct implementation of the linkage process?

  3. Do both teachers and principals receive adequate technical assistance during the linkage process?

  4. Does the implementation of OTES and OPES in 2014 affect teacher and principal perceptions and experiences regarding link/roster verification in 2014?

  5. What are some major issues with linking students to teachers for the purpose of accountability, as articulated by teachers/principals?

  6. How easy/cumbersome is the linkage process itself, including the web-based interface?

  7. What are critical components of a robust linkage process as viewed by teachers/principals?

  8. What suggested changes do teachers and principals articulate such that linkage might be improved to provide more accurate teacher-level value-added data?

This mid-project report provides a brief summary of the findings from the Spring 2013 surveys as well as frequency tables for teacher and principal survey items and a detailed analysis of the open-ended response items for the teacher survey.