Higher Education Graduate Employment Outcomes
Project Team: 
Josh Hawley, PhD
OERC Executive Director, Associate Professor The Ohio State University
Kristin Harlow, JD
OERC Research Associate
Key Words: 
Higher education
employment outcomes
wage outcomes

The OERC Higher Education Graduate Employment Outcomes project has resulted in visualizations of the flow students at Ohio public colleges and universities into the Ohio workforce. The first visualization lists students by degree type and matches them with a specific employment sector. Data is listed by cohort and can be linked up to six years post-graduation. The tableau tool can be found here.

The second visualization shows the first through sixth year employment and earning of Ohio public college graduates. Wages are calculated based on graduates found working in Ohio with non-zero earnings in the second quarter following graduation, and each year following. Some degrees, especially higher degrees or from schools near the state border, may seem to have a low employment rate, but graduates may have found employment outside of Ohio that is not captured in this data. All programs with fewer than 10 graduates in a year are excluded to maintain individual anonymity. Degree subject determined using 4-digit CIP code. 2006 includes only Winter and Spring graduates. The tool can be found here.