Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee: A Case Study

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee: A Case Study

In June, 2012, Ohio passed a bill requiring all 3rd graders, with the exception of students with disabilities or English-learners, to pass the state's 3rd grade reading exam before continuing to the 4th grade. In the fall of 2012 Ohio invited LEAs to submit proposals, either individually or as a colloquium, to implement K-3 early literacy and reading interventions that assist in improving reading development and prepare students to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade. This study investigates the funded implementation of a proposal from a colloquium of three LEAs. A mixed methods design collecting qualitative and quantitative data addresses seven research questions. Qualitative data includes document analyses, interviews, surveys and focus groups with administrators, teachers and parents; quantitative data includes student scores from K-3 level reading skills assessments. A professional learning community among the three LEAs was proposed to provide evidence of the proposal’s impact.

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